Schedule Changes
During the spring a series of scheduling activities take place to assist each student on selecting appropriate courses for the following year. Extensive time is spent in developing information in the form of course planning information work sheets, advisement information, and counseling by teachers and counselors. Because of this detailed program, students need to plan their schedule carefully since schedule changes must be minimal.

Reasons that justify changes in your schedule:

  • Semester imbalances.
  • Replacement of summer school course(s) successfully.
  • Adjustment for handicapped students.
  • Inappropriate course level as dictated by the prerequisite.
  • Requests that appear on the original schedule from, but do not appear on printed schedules.
  • Level change-adding/dropping honors and A.P. Once a student, parent and teacher recognize that the level of difficulty is such that the student is not successful/ challenged, a level change should occur immediately.
  • Changes in courses, which can be done by directly replacing a study hall or dropped course. The student will be placed in the smallest section during the specified instructional period. A change is not permitted if the request involves changing the desired course already in place on the student's schedule other than a study hall or dropped course.
  • To add a course to ensure athletic and/or extracurricular eligibility.

Any adjustment in a student’s schedule will be handled on an individual basis. The Appropriate class change form must be thoroughly completed before a student's schedule will be changed. Students who wish to withdrawal from a course must confer with their teacher, then their counselor. The counselor will confer with appropriate administrator before a decision is rendered. A student who withdrawals from a course during the first three weeks receives a W. A student who withdrawals after a class at any time for disciplinary reasons will receive a final grade of WF for that course. Please understand that requesting a change of teacher because the student does not like the teacher is not a valid request.

Student Withdrawal Procedures

  1. The student or parent must contact the Guidance Office to meet with the counselor, who will speak with the student to determine the reason for withdrawal.
  2. If the student is moving, a withdrawal form must be signed by a parent and taken to the teachers on the last day of attendance for recording of grades. This form then needs to be turned in at the Guidance Office. The Student will be given a copy to take with him/her to the new school.
  3. If the student is 18 years old or older and dropping out s/he must sign a withdrawal form in the Guidance Office. The counselor will be forwarded to the appropriate administrator.
  4. If the Student is withdrawing on a full time work permit (30 hours of more per week), the following conditions must be met.
  • Student must be between the ages of 16 and 17 years, 11 months and must be employed full time.
  • A completed work permit indicating full time status must be on file in the Main Office at the Findlay High School.
  • The student in the Main Office at Findlay High School must sign the State of Ohio Age & Schooling Certificate.
  • Parent’s signature must appear on the work permit.
  • The parent must sign the withdrawal form.